Something’s Afoot: Clever Shoe Organization Ideas

October 22, 2015 | greystar

It’s not uncommon to have shoes strewn about your entire apartment, from the doorway where you first slip them off to the bedroom where you try on dozens of pairs before deciding on one. With these smart tips, however, you can finally create a system for organizing all of those sneakers, heels, sandals and slides — and they’re a whole lot more interesting than your traditional shoe rack.

  1. Add shelves. If you’re particularly proud of your shoe collection, show them off by displaying your most beautiful pairs on shelves stacked from floor to ceiling. You can even use a bookcase if you have one.
  2. Use photo ledges. For high heels, purchase photo ledges from your local craft shop or home decor store and dangle pairs of shoes from them by the heels.
  3. Keep them in their boxes. If you want to keep your shoes protected while in storage, save their boxes (or purchase new shoe storage boxes). Attach a photo of the pair inside to the exterior of the box to make finding a specific pair a breeze.
  4. Use antique items. If your home decor style is a bit more rustic, use an antique ladder or an old apple crate as shoe storage in any room.
  5. Utilize under-bed space. For out-of-season pairs, store them in flat plastic storage bins under the bed.

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