Blue Dahlia Bistro: An East Austin French Bistro



This charming little French bistro nestled in the heart of East Austin has become a popular spot for breakfast lovers, but no matter what time you visit you’ll likely enjoy yourself here. When the weather is nice, you can dine out on the back patio, which is a peaceful bamboo-walled oasis. The menu is perfectly-balanced, […]

How to Get the Most Out Your Apartment’s Square Footage



Whether your apartment measures 200 square feet or 1,000 square feet, how large it feels depends on how it functions. Artfully arranging your furniture and incorporating smart storage solutions can make even the tiniest studio apartment feel like a luxury penthouse loft, and these space-savvy tips will show you just how to make the most […]

Esquina Tango: Make Your Move



If you’ve ever wanted to learn one of the most romantic dances the world has to offer, a class or two at Esquina Tango is a great place to start. The diverse mix of cultures that come together in Austin is one of the city’s most interesting features, and everywhere you look you’ll find interesting […]

Mettle: Casual Comfort Food With Clever Touches



This fascinating East Austin bistro has quickly rocketed to the top of the town’s food rankings with delicious, fresh dishes composed with ingenuity and intelligence. Chef Andrew Francisco has developed a menu of casual comfort food with clever touches that leave diners raving. The popular Sunday brunch is one of the best times to visit; […]

Expect Farm-to-Table Fare at Wink in Austin



Wink Restaurant is a fun, fresh and creative eatery in Austin that is consistently voted one of the top restaurants in the city. The kitchen operates on a farm-to-table system, sourcing almost all of its seasonal ingredients from local farms and suppliers in order to create dishes that are distinctly Austin. The menu at Wink […]

Capital City Bakery: Sweet Treats



Austin has one of the largest populations of food trucks per capita of any United States city, and most of them are exceptional. One of the best on the East Side is the Capital City Bakery, a purveyor of delectable sweets that are also 100% vegan. Environmental responsibility is a big part of their business […]

Numero28: Southern Italian Specialties in Downtown Austin



Southern Italian food is the specialty at Numero28, but even this gourmet food plays second fiddle to the warm, welcoming owners. Many Yelp reviewers mention Marco and Bernardo by name, citing them as part of the reason they return to Numer28 on a regular basis. The owners take special care to make every guest feel […]

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